Classic design of asian lantern.  It is made with raw silk on wood frame. The fabric is raw silk which is different from smooth silk. The texture is more pronounced. The color is not sharp but rather mutted in a relaxing tone of teal, spa teal.  There are seven matching tassles. 


The lantern has large opening on top and bottoms, super easy for lighting insert. 

Hand made in Vietnam 


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Teal Silk Lantern - Temple Lantern

  • The fabric on this Vietnamese Silk Lantern is raw silk. 
    Hand made high-quality silk lanterns made by Asia2you!

    Material: Rich red silk on black wood frame Size: 12 " tall x 10" wide plus 6" tassel



    Size: 12 " tall x 10" wide plus 6" tassel. 


    Size: 16 " tall x 12.5" wide plus 7" tassel.