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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a small family business based both in the United States and in Vietnam. Our family has been making and selling Vietnamese silk lanterns since 2002. They are available to ship immediately from Madison, Wisconsin. We are proud to have provided the best quality of silk lanterns. We created our own signature design and have strict quality control on material. Each lantern is carefully made and inspected before shipping. If you look carefully into each of our lanterns, you will see the difference! We make our own bamboo, wood, metal, and silk which make our silk lanterns different from all other lanterns in the market. We also dye our own silk which enables us to provide one or a hundred lanterns with the exact color you ordered. Look at the detail to see all of the work we invest in each lantern. We are proud to stand behind our product and happy to help you find the best lanterns. All pictures of our listings are original pictures of our products. Visit our Gallery on the home page for pictures of our silk lanterns in homes, gardens, restaurants, hotels, casinos, weddings, theaters, and movies. Our silk lanterns become alive in these beautiful settings.  

How our lanterns are made
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