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Rich red velvet lanterns.

26" of diameter (when fully open)

32" long ( colapsed) 

Tassel: 12" 

Hanging red lanterns has a long history in China. Red color is the top choice because red means good luck, fertility and hapiness.  People like to hang two lanterns at the front entrance to welcome guests and to bring good luck and hapiness to their house.

If you are looking for traditional chinese lanterns, this lantenrs is the chinese classic design.  The lantern is built solidaly on metal frame. The top and bottom golden fringe on rich red fabric made the lanterns boldly standing out. 

This is the lanterns you may have seen in many movies and chinese celebration. 

In the picutres:

Velvet chinese lanterns during Chinese New Year at World of Fun theme park, Kansas City. 




Red Velvet Lantern

  • Material:

    Velvet on metal frame

    High quality lanterns made with red velvet and metal frame.
    Very easy to open and stay true to the balanced form.
    Diameter: 26" (60 cm)
    High : 40" and 47" with tassel

    Made in China 

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