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This classic Red/RAW Silk Lantern - Temple Lantern is handcrafted with a wood frame and covered with raw silk fabric. The fabric is of a muted red hue and the texture of the raw silk is more pronounced than smooth silk. The lantern is finished with seven matching tassels. It has a large opening on the top and bottom, making it easy to light up. Perfect for adding a touch of Asian decor to your home.

Red/ RAW Silk Lantern - Temple Lantern

  • The fabric on this Vietnamese Silk Lantern is raw silk. 
    Hand made high-quality silk lanterns made by Asia2you!

    Material: Rich red silk on black wood frame Size: 12 " tall x 10" wide plus 6" tassel



    Size: 12 " tall x 10" wide plus 6" tassel. 


    Size: 16 " tall x 12.5" wide plus 7" tassel.

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