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This lantern is made with raw silk, no pattern on the fabric and it doesn't have the shiny look. The silk color is off white with a hint of cream. 


These silk lanterns are hand made by our company with high quality material. Please click on product information for more detail. 


Our silk lanterns decorated people's homes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, movies and theatres.  They added the charming light into any celebrations.  All the lanterns in the pictures used on this website are made by our company. 


Plain White Silk Lantern - Round

  • The fabric on this Vietnamese Silk Lantern is 100%  silk. 
    Hand made high-quality silk lanterns made by Asia2you!

    Very beautiful white silk lantern.

    22" High (silk covered frame)

    40" High (from top of the metal hook to the end of the tassel)

    20" diameter ( at the widest point)

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