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Orange Silk Lantern. 

Orange with gold accent represents prosperity. The tradition of buying the kumquat tree or orange tree for the lunar new year carries the wish for prosperity of many generations. Our orange silk lanterns are bright, warm and festive. They are wonderful for lunar new year, and also famous for Fall decor in the US.


Our silk lanterns decorated people's homes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, movies and theatres.  They added the charming light into any celebrations.  All the lanterns in the pictures used on this website are made by our company. 


In the pictures:

Orange silk lanterns in the Orchid Show, Chicago Botanical Garden

Orange silk lanterns in resident homes in California and Costa Rica

Orange silk lanterns on a show in Hanoi, Vietnam (Photo by Hong Dieu) 

Orange silk lanterns in Ms. Wong, Quebec, Canada

Orange silk lanterns in an outdoor wedding at Mc Menamins Pub, Oregon. 





Orange/Prosperity Silk Lantern - Hot Air Balloon

  • The fabric on this Vietnamese Silk Lantern is 100% silk. 
    Hand made high-quality silk lanterns made by Asia2you!



    • 34" in total height from top of metal ring to bottom of tassel
      • 3" metal wire with ring at top of lantern
      • 19" tall silk covered bamboo frame
      • 12" tassel
    • 29" circumference at the widest point
    • 9" diameter at the widest point
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