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Bring a beautiful, natural look to your home with our Bamboo Lantern! This lantern is made with natural bamboo, a lightweight and sustainable material, and is finished with a neutral color for a subtle yet elegant look. This Bamboo Lantern - Natural Color is made from top quality bamboo with the best craftsmanship, creating a beautiful and delicate lantern. Its natural color will bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to your space. 


These bamboo lanterns are versatile for home and garden decor with charming design, detailed hand work, and durability. They also look great when being grouped together.


In the pictures:

The bamboo wall at the Ember Room, NYC.

The design focusing on the "naked lanterns" the inner beauty of the lanterns.

Photo credit: Parnuwat Sridaranop, Ember Room's owner



Bamboo Lantern - Natural Color

  • Hand made bamboo lantern.

    Natural bamboo color with brown tassel. 

    Size: 14" high x 11" diameter

    Tassel: 10" 


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